Despite the extremely difficult and alarming situation in the country, the Lord gives us encouragement and joy, as we see the fruit of our labour, which is not in vain: the Jewish people, whom we have been able to help, sincerely thank us and rejoice!

These are the words we hear from them: “We contacted Ebenezer, and they came. They took us by the hand and led us where we were to go. They accompanied us at each of the stages of our preparations and we could feel their love, as we received assistance, support, attention, care and comfort from them. It was a great relief to our hearts, which filled with joy and hope. We send a big thank you to all who work in Ebenezer and help us!” We, in our turn, respond that all this is the love of the Almighty for His people, Israel, and all glory and praise belongs to Him!”

We so appreciate the prayers and support of our faithful partners in Asia Pacific who are standing with us in this crucial work.