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Ebenezer Operation Exodus started in 1991 with just three people.

There are now representatives in over fifty-five countries worldwide. It not only provides practical and financial help to those who wish to immigrate to Israel, but also proclaims truth to the Church worldwide about God’s prophetic purposes regarding the Jewish people.
Be part of the continuing story.
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Our vision is to be servants and intercessors of the Lord, to help the Jewish people return to The Land of Israel from all the nations, and to proclaim God’s kingdom purposes for their return.

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Our work is centred around one Hebrew word — ‘Aliyah’. Its literal meaning is ‘to go up’. Traveling to Jerusalem necessitates ‘going up’ into the hills from the flat land below.

For this reason the Jewish people have adopted this term to refer to the process of returning to The Land of Israel from the four corners of the earth.

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