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Ebenezer Operation Exodus in Australia is into its fourth decade of raising up prayer and support for the worldwide aliyah, the return of the Jewish people from the nations of the world to the Land promised to them by GOD to be their homeland.

Aliyah airport.jpg

We are blessed to have faithful prayer partners and supporters, spread across all Australian states and territories, who facilitate and support this work. Many Australian volunteers have been involved in serving overseas in the field.

While in past decades support has principally gone to help Jewish families making aliyah from the nations of the former Soviet Union, help and support now also goes to assisting aliyah from the East: from north eastern India (the Bnei Menashe); from Western Europe;  from Latin America and from Australia.

Our Australian office is located in Seven Hills in western Sydney. We'll gladly assist you with any enquiry. Just click the 'Contact Us' tab below.

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