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Small Street in Japan

Asia Pacific Region 

The  Asia Pacific office for Ebenezer Operation Exodus is located in Sydney, Australia.

From this hub we provide support to our Representatives located in nations of Asia Pacific, and from here we directly cater for our supporters in those nations in which we currently do not have national offices or representatives.

From our Asia Pacific Office we gather, collate and distribute prayer concerns for prayer partners throughout the Region. We also process and direct financial support from Asia Pacific to the international fieldwork, helping Jewish families from the four corners of the earth make aliyah back to Israel, the Land promised to them by GOD to be their homeland.

Our Governing Board, comprising pastors and leaders from several Asia Pacific nations, gives oversight to the work.

In your Nation

If you are interested in serving in your Asia Pacific Nation please contact us.

If you live in the Asia Pacific region,
you are welcome to contact us and find out more by selecting your country OR REGION BELOW


We have many opportunities in different parts of the world for those called to serve as volunteers ...
Every year, tens of thousands of Jewish people from all parts of the world make the momentous decision to leave their country and move to Israel or ‘make Aliyah’ as it is known.

It can be a difficult process, especially in some parts of the world. To assist them, our  volunteers come alongside them and help in various ways. 

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