Helping the Jewish People back to Israel


Ebenezer Operation Exodus is a Christian organisation called by God to help Jewish people return to Israel from all the nations in fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. Our humanitarian aid programme provides practical support and comfort to the poor and needy in the Jewish communities of the former Soviet Union and elsewhere.

The regathering of the Jewish people is an awesome display of God's mercy and grace in these days. After almost 2,000 years God is bringing Israel back to its historic homeland just as He promised He would: "Thus says the LORD God:.. I will take you from among the nations, and gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land" Ezekiel 36:24.

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Here we present a quick overview of the vision and calling of Ebenezer Operation Exodus and the work we've done over the years. Find out more about what God is doing with His Jewish people through the work of Ebenezer and join us to be part of the miracle!

In deep appreciation of their longstanding dedication,
commitment and contribution to the State of Israel
and the Jewish People through support of immigration
and absorption as well as their devotion and assistance by
Fulfilling the Biblical Prophecy in helping the
Chosen People return to their Promised Land.
— With recognition of their leadership and devoted service in cooperation with Keren Hayesod - United Israel Appeal

The Jewish Agency for Israel wishes to express its gratitude to our Christian friends for their invaluable support for Aliyah.
CVI (Christians for Israel - Christenen voor Israel), ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem), Ebenezer Emergency Fund International, Ebenezer Hilfsfonds Deutschland, and Ezra International have been involved in Aliyah activities for many years and we cherish and honor their essential contribution to these efforts.
As our strong partnership continues throughout the Ukraine crisis, these organizations have provided invaluable assistance in locating documents necessary for Aliyah, organizing transportation to the airport through troubled areas, handling immigrants’ personal effects, and responding to various other needs under trying circumstances.
— The Jewish Agency