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We are here to help!

Since 1991 we have helped over 190,000 Olim make Aliyah from many different nations of the world.

We are here to support you on your Aliyah journey.

We work in around 60 nations across 6 continents  to help you make Aliyah!
You and your colleagues at Ebenezer are true friends of the Jewish Agency and the ongoing partnership that exists between our two Organisations at both an Organisational and personal level is important to all of us. Your tireless work, dedication and support for aliyah enables us to continue this important work.

My warmest wishes to you all.​

Natan Sharansky 
Former Chairman for The Jewish Agency
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Wanting to make Aliyah?

The Jewish Agency for Israel
wishes to express its gratitude to our Christian friends for their invaluable support for Aliyah.

CVI (Christians for Israel - Christenen voor Israel), ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem), Ebenezer Emergency Fund International, Ebenezer Hilfsfonds Deutschland, and Ezra International have been involved in Aliyah activities for many years and we cherish and honor their essential contribution to these efforts.

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As our strong partnership continues throughout the Ukraine crisis, these organizations have provided invaluable assistance in locating documents necessary for Aliyah, organizing transportation to the airport through troubled areas, handling immigrants’ personal effects, and responding to various other needs under trying circumstances.The Jewish Agency thanks these organizations for their support and takes pride in our close partnership.

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